Pisces horoscope for week of february 17 2020

Your Pisces horoscope is accurate because it is divided into decans. Those born on February 19 and 20 finished this transit in April Until January 17 – Jupiter sextile your decan from December 1, is a time of happiness and optimism when good things will Pisces Weekly Horoscope.
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They are best read for your Ascendant but can also be read for your Sun sign. Remember that if you know your Ascendant, you can read forecasts for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign. For those of you born with your Ascendant or Sun in the first ten degrees first decanate of Pisces , this is your transit guide to the year ahead. The transiting Sun and planets are interpreted in relation to your Sun or Ascendant. If you are interested in a more detailed and personalized forecast, see our Future Forecast Reports. Pluto in the House of aspirations and friends: What was once important is like a leaf on the breeze as new aspirations take hold of your mind.

You are known by the company you keep. Many of your old ties will now end or be transformed, and new alliances will form. Sometimes friends err and take on the appearance of enemies, while at other times enemies take on the appearance of friends. Love is the key, as simple as it sounds, to transcend power struggles, whether of a personal or institutional nature.

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True freedom is necessarily yoked to the highest love and to brotherhood. During this time, circumstances align themselves to help you set up your goals and life direction. You could be politically motivated or interested in reform. Choose your causes wisely as you might find yourself on center stage! Neptune in the House of self: Do you feel confused?

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Discover your question, learn how to meditate, even in motion in the midst of a busy day, and be patient. The answer will appear. In the process, memories flood your mind and trouble your soul. Soothing music brings a sense of peace. Poetry and a journal help manage your inspirations and erase your fears. Reach for the stars like never before, but get your daily chores done on time and with excellence. Shun any pits where darkness could engulf you; alcohol and drugs are dangerous detours now. Determine your standards and have the courage to keep them. Creating a beautiful orderly environment removes outer chaos.

In your search for self and meaning, remember to reach out a helping hand to others. Be discerning, however, that your good intentions not backfire. Uranus passing through the House of communication, transportation and siblings: Your computer and your mind could be dramatically upgraded! This is a great time to get into astrology and spiritual teachings, to study science or the latest technological breakthrough.

Getting through your schedule and appointments on a daily basis could be challenging. To avoid frustration, make room for the unexpected.

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Unusual happenings with brothers or sisters, roommates or neighbors are a definite possibility. If school bogs you down, you may be tempted to quit; a better plan is to finish the year but spike your curriculum with interesting courses. Keep your mind steady when driving. Saturn passing through the House of aspirations and friends: Obstacles to your aspirations are part of the menu and build character that can only come from experience.

All else being equal, the cycle is right for assuming a leadership role, for involvement in community affairs, or simply for continuing to work hard. Old friendships could be renewed, current friendships ended. Look for the lesson and move on. New friendships and social involvement based on shared interests blossom during this time.

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Whether you connect through the world wide web or through personal contact, reaching out beyond your usual circles and boundaries brings happiness and opens doors. You may be led to get involved in community improvement of some kind. Above all, this is not a time to work strictly on your own. This period is the last phase in a major cycle of your life, a time of completion, finishing, and resolving any unfinished business that may be in your way.

The shell of your old life is cracking and you may need more time in solitude or away from your usual activities in order to regroup, digest what has gone before, and heal. Try to learn what you can from the past, retaining the valuable and hard-earned lessons, while leaving old regrets and failures behind. You enjoy solitude, downtime, and relaxing, contemplative activities during this cycle.

You need to refresh and renew your energy and your spirits, so you may feel like nothing is happening or that you are not accomplishing much. However, you are actually inwardly preparing for a new cycle by spending time alone, digesting your life experiences on a deep level. Volunteer work or contributing to altruistic causes may attract you now. Someone you love and care about depends upon you more than usual. Also, circumstances or your own reticence may prevent you from openly declaring or expressing your desires and affection.

Love yearnings which cannot be fulfilled in any direct way arise. Beware of how you impact others, and how your actions and choices ripple out to influence the world. You may lead, facilitate, or organize an important group function. World events, cultural and community affairs, or group discussions and plans are a focus for you now.

You may teach, facilitate a group, or help organize and get the word out about your community activities. Intellectual interests, connections based on common ideas, or problem-solving in the context of a committee or group is featured. You may be tempted to play matchmaker also!

2020 Pisces Horoscope

This is not the best time to try to do something jointly or cooperatively. Minor inconveniences or compromises create more friction and irritation than the situation actually warrants. Try to keep your cool. Working out or getting some physical exercise can help. Active leadership, strong action to achieve important goals, and an intensified drive to rise to prominence in whatever way you personally define prominence or success are the themes now. You are willing to work, to earn your way, and to take risks in order to move toward what you want. Conflict with superiors or authority can be especially problematic, as you are not inclined to be compliant or obedient now.

Rather, you want to take the lead.

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You could use this abundance of energy for accomplishment if you so choose. Tone down aggressive tendencies by wearing soft shades of blue, lavender, or pink, and avoid red or orange. The art of self-adornment and the art of love predominate today. It feels good to lavish loving attention on yourself, and your relations with others benefit as a result. Someone beautiful could enter your life.

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Your sensitivity to beauty, aesthetics, and sensual experience strongly influences you during this cycle. You want to be in a gracious environment, to beautify your surroundings, to enjoy and take pleasure in life, to love and be loved.

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  • Self- appreciation, personal style, and looking your best is important to you now, and you may want to indulge in some self-pampering to enhance your appearance and feel good about yourself. Your love light shines brightly now and you wish to please and be pleased, to give and receive a personal, loving touch. Both romance and friendship are enhanced by warm expressions of appreciation, affection, and treats.